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between the westboro baptist church and the family of a maryland marine moves one step closer to the u.s. supreme court. the church filed a brief this week, saying its actions are protected by the first amendment. >> reporter: the westborough baptist church filed this 75- page brief. attorney margie phelps will argue the case in front of the supreme court. she defended the church members' protest outside of matthew schneider's funeral in 2006. >> it is everybody's first amendment right to go to a public plot and speak on public issues. who in the world is not talking about the dying soldier? >> reporter: the kansas state believes the u.s. military deaths are god's punishment for tolerance of homosexuality. in the argument, phelps argues its actions are protected by the first amendment. not so says the father of the fallen marine. al schneider talks about the upcoming case. my son and hundreds of thousands of other men and women have died to protect freedom of speech. and to have a group of 80 people degraded and mock it is disgusting. >> in a separate legal brief filed with the court, 48
of kabul broke out during what's become the deadliest month for u.s. forces in afghanistan. >>> u.s. military says the death toll has reached 66, with six more killed in roadside bombings in attacks by insurgents. that breaks the record set last month, when only 60 died. they warn, casualty may clime -- climb, as forces go on the offensive. pushing further on taliban territory. and taking the fight to the enemy. >> president obama has ordered up 30,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan to help turn the tide against determined taliban fighters. total foreign troop levels are now nearing a peak of 150,000, as the nine-year war rages on. >> charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> improvised explosive devices, known as ied, now account for two-thirds of u.s. fatalities in afghanistan. >>> a u.s. soldier suspected in the release is now in jail. private first class bradley manning arrived late last night. he faces four charges, relating to the leak of an afghan war video to the website wiki leaks. suspected possible involvement to the same website of tens of thousands of classified documents. >
two missing u.s. sailors. and one of them is dead. insurgent leaders say they will return his body if the u.s. meets their demand. charlie d'agata reports for wjz with the latest. >>> still sweeping through mairmings regions in afghanistan in temp forus u.s. sairld -- sailors. on a visit to afghanistan sunday, u.s. admiral mike mullen called the disappearance an unusual circumstance it's unclear why the men apparently ended up 80 miles inside the taliban. >> one sailor was killed in a shootout friday. others will soon divide this. >>> the only american soldier known to be held by the taliban is goldberg dowel from wide wide. he was captured last summer. >>> as u.s. troops widen their search, they're determined to bring their fellow soldier home. >> they left their base friday, without notifying security force. >>> hilting the jim doesn't necessary loo tut your risk of death if you're still a couch potato. women who sat around six hour a day, increased their chances of dying, even if they worked out regularly. couch pofate tateos who didn't exercise increased by 94%. >>> a new study
, because they do not have job. by last month, the u.s. had put 35,000 haitians to work clearing debrises from -- debris from canals. but more do not have jobs. >> they are very difficult to reach. there are many problems. even politics, lonistics -- logistics, and implementation. >> most of the money pledged for humanitarian aid, has pledged for hospital, food workers and relief. but hundreds of millions of dollars have yet to be spent. and many aid workers here say some of the hardest work, rebuilding, is still ahead. seth stone, cbs news, port-au- prince. >>> and former president bill clinton is cochairman of the international commission overseeing the $5.3 billion in promised reconstruction aid. over the weekend, he even expressed frustration at the slow recovery process. >>> if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with sharon gibala. >> reporter: it could be a bit of a slow go out there. plenty of problems to get in your way. including this one. 95 northbound at the memorial bridge. we have a disabled truck there, blocking the right lane. we also
any justin bieber songs. >>> there's another toyota recall in the u.s. most. affected vehicles are avalons that range from the 2000 to 2004 model year. they have steering problems that could potentially lead to a crash. several thousand lexus model l any 470s are also affected by a different steering issue. toyota has recalled more than 8 million vehicles around the world since october. >>> tonight in wjz's healthwatch report, imagine, never having to face the dentist drill again. french researchers say they have developed a gel that regenerates teeth. they applied it to mice with cavities. and one month later, the tooth decay was gone. scientists now hope to test it on people. and if successful, the gel could be available in five years. >> sign me up. i'm afraid of the dentist. >>> bed bugs have made a comeback from the tiny biting insects causing havoc all over baltimore. >>> tonight in health watch, a family tells suzanne collins, they were shocked to find out they had bed bugs. >>> and i looked through the corner of the mattress. pulled back the sheet. pulled the seams apar
in baltimore is absolutely remarkable. please give yourself a huge round of applause. >>> last year, u.s. secretary of education, arnie duncan made a special visit to baltimore. >> we need more proof points. more places we can point to and say, it doesn't matter about poverty, about social challenges. our children can be successful. >>> meanwhile, the school's principal is reportedly staying on abbotston. during the investigation. and some like lorraine moore will, too. >> i don't have a problem with the school. but whoever messed with the test scores, i don't think that's fair. >> and this is the second to be investigated for potential or possible test tampering. a george washington elementary. an investigation into that school concluded in the spring, where test tampering was, indeed, found. back to you on tv hill. >>> in a statement obtained by our media partner in the baltimore sun, phelps said the drop could possibly be traced to two teachers. >> tonight, an officer has agreed to spend time in prison for the shooting. >> the gunshots did not hit anyone that night in canton. and toda
are in moscow. and four russians are in u.s. hands. whit johnson reports for wjz on the high-profile deal. >> reporter: this plane landed in moscow friday. loaded with 10 russian spies caught in the u.s. earlier, the high-stakes spies landed. two planes on the tarmac. the 10 secret agents working for russia on one. others on board the other. including scientist igor sutiaga. once the trade was made, those four headed to a military base in london. in an interview for face the nation, attorney general eric holder got a good deal. >> we have essentially orchestrated a swap so that we had access to or got that for people who had been charged in russia with conducting intelligence activities on behalf of western countries. >> reporter: a u.s. official tells cbs news that the cia director worked out details of the swap with his russian counterpart. once they had an agreement, president obama himself okayed the deal. >> reporter: the 10 russian spies spies pleaded guilty as active foreign agents. one of the few who operated under her real name was anna chapman. but like the others, she'll to sta
point for u.s.-cuba relations. >> reporter: now, at the age of 16, elian says he holds no bitterness towards his u.s. relatives. they tried to keep him in america after he was found floating on an intertube off the coast of florida. then in 2000, immigrant officials took him from his grant parents in miami. elian spoke previously at the celebration -- briefly at the celebration saying he was happy to be in cuba. >> elian and his father came in may of 2000. >>> new estimates show more than 140 million gallons of oil have now spilled into the gulf. this is a live look at the well that has been gushing for more than two months. the oil is taking its toll on seafood that only breeds two places in the world -- one of them the gulf. >> reporter: bp's oil spill could be the largest ever in the gulf of mexico. 140million gallons have leaked from the blownout well. bp will likely be fined for every gallon. efforts to clean up all that oil is being hampered by alex. once it's over, skimming boats will be back on the water. along the shore on orange beach, alabama oil dplobs the soys of frisbee
. and if the bugs come from a country that uses harsher chemicals than are allowed in the u.s., they can be very difficult to exterminate. it's darwin's herey. getting rid of them may take up to a year. >> it may take 4 months to control a bed bug population. >> why is that?" because of the places they can hide. there are so many cracks and crevices in a home. >> reporter: in 2009, first six months, they got 200 cawlsz. the first six months of this year, it's up to 236. and the little bugs travel from rowhouse to rowhouse. >> and they need to get rid of anything that could be harboring them. washing laundry, bagging clothing. >> the city health department warns that over-the-counter foggers or bombs don't work to kill bugs. but using heat like a wall paper steamer does. >>> also in tonight's healthwatch, people who use the internet as a weight loss tool tend to be more successful than others. those who logged into an interactive website recorded the weight they lost the most. >>> researchers followed children all the way from infancy to adulthood to determine the impact of a mother's love. psych
. it has been 100 days since an explosion triggered the worst oil spill in u.s. history. take a live look now under water, where bp is working around the clock to permanently plug the well. they're still on track to track the so-called static kill monday. a new report shows oil has not hit florida and alabama beaches as hard as we first thought. >>> people opposed to immigration law are claiming victory tonight. a judge put a hold on several questionable parts of the law, just hours before it takes effect. joel brown reports for wjz from the white house. >> reporter: the most controversial parts of arizona's new immigration law won't be enforced when the rest of the measure goes into effect on thursday. federal district judge susan bolton put a hold on the part of the law that requires police officers to determine the immigration statuses of people they detained for another reason and suspect are in the country illegally. she also block the section requiring immigrants to carry papers at all times. >> and the part of the law that made it illegal for undocumented workers to solicit work. >
the u.s. joe logical survey -- geological survey has been keeping records. and where it stands in the quakes like it. 2.5 hit that same general area. 1.3 just up and down the liberty court road, not far from television hill. that was 1.3 in 2007. as far as the aftershock, we're told there could be aftershocks from this wake for the next several days. >>> complete coverage continues now. vic is live at with more on what you're saying about this earthquake. vic? >> reporter: well, kai, the earthquake has been a hot topic in maryland since it first happened. wjz received hundreds of e- mails and phone calls. lynn, for example, wrote in to our facebook page, saying she thought it was an airplane takes off. -- taking off. then realized it wasn't a plane at all. and chris, the next thing he knew, the bed was vibrating. cologne bottles were shaking on the dresser. we're getting e-mails from people surprised to hear we did have an earthquake. they slept right through it. wjz wants to hear from you. send your comments to by e-mailing us at wjz web alert. or you can becom
't have to take them. >> reporter: reporting for wjz eyewitness news. >> last year airlines in the u.s. made more than a billion dollars in operating profits. >> in wjz's healthwatch a new reason to stay limb after menopause. a study shows in post menopausal women the more they way, the more it affects their memory. the researchers reached their conclusions after following nearly 9,000 women into. >>> there's new warnings for parents when it comes to med sifnlt using regular spoons can lead to overdoses. they urge parents to use the special syringes that dispense medications because they can measure the dose. >>> former vice-president dick cheney is recovering thanks to a small device that keeps his heart beating. >> reporter: this device is helping former vice-president dick cheney's heart pump heart. it relieves pressure on the heart by rerouting blood head together left ventricle. >> there are two parts that get sewn into the heart, one into the leften have trikeel and the other the aore a, the blood taking it away. this is their battery powered part of the device. they're attached
to be confirmed to the u.s. supreme court before the new term starts october 1st. >>> a well-known local businessman has passed away. morris bill helman, owner of bill's carpets, passed away. he became well known for his catch phrase, if you don't see bill's, you're making a big mistake. he was 87 years old. >>> a new strategy for hiv and a.i.d.s. the administration set a new goal of reducing it by 5% over the next five years. it will target groups at the highest risk. it also aims to get treatment for more patients within three months of their diagnosis. more than a million americans are currently living with hiv. >>> in tonight's wjz healthwatch report, the nation's eye is on maryland, as the fda considers whether the diabetes drug avandia should be on the market. joel brown reports from gaithersburg, montgomery county. >>> people who take the drug avandia could be more likely to have a heart attack. that's the conclusion of several studies. now, the food and drug administration is looking at stopping the sale of the diabetes drug. top executives from drug maker glaxosmithkline, use th
of the reason the c- section rate has skyrocketed in the u.s. >> reporter: in the past 40 years, it's been from 5% in 1970 to more than 31% in 2007. some doctors have had legitimate concerns about v- backs because there can be complications. >> the major risk of a v-back is the uterus rupturing. that happens in about 1% of the time. >> reporter: women who have had big babies or diabetic might require a cesarean section. they also might need one if they go past their due date. the clock is ticking for xanthe who is already overdue. >> in the end, we want a healthy baby. >> reporter: however, the newborn is delivered. >> reporter: in los angeles, sanda hughes, wjz eyewitness news. >> doctors say multiple c- sections can put women at risk for hist hysterectomies, colon, and bladder injuries and infections. >>> time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. why the baltimore city police department is suffering a staffing crisis. >>> a local youth traveled baseball team is doing more than just playing in games and communities. and how
game and we'll hear from a likely candidate and we'll hear from the head coach of the u.s. soccer team. that's ahead when eyewitness news continues. >>> well, the o's left the comforts of camden yards for a ten game trip in boston. all of the opponents they're visiting are in first place in their division. tim wakefield owes -- brad bergesen and the o's starter. and the fenway's unlucky for the 0's. 7:10 first pitch tonight on masn hd. see the birds in boston standard night and sunday afternoon. that's live, here on wjz-13. and who will get picked to represent the orioles in the all-star game. mar cay -- mark -- nick mar cay sis or jones? i got the thoughts of a few of the candidates. >> it's an honor and if that happens, it would be an honor and we have a lot of driven guys in the team. >> and if i'm fortunate enough to go, that's a dream come true, yet again, if not, i've got to get better and become a better player. >> reporter: every team gets a representative and wiggington is another candidate. the teams will be announced sunday evening. >>> the ravens sign another of their rook
situation. >>> more adults in the u.s. are getting screened for breast and colorectal cancer. but millions more still need to be tested. a government report shows 22 million men and women have not been checked for colon cancer. about 7 million women over 50 have not had a mammogram recently. one of the main reasons people robot get -- aren't getting screened? lack of health insurance. >>> also in healthwatch tonight, 3 million people who have wheelchairs will soon have a more comfortable way to go across town. a company is rolling out the first vehicle engineered to meet the needs of disabled passengers. randall pinkston reports on the development. >> so i would just go like this. >> reporter: chris noel says getting into a vehicle should be this easy. >> and then i'm inside. >> reporter: this is the first time he's rolled into a vehicle designed with him in mind. instead of a van that has been modified to accommodate his wheelchair. >> and most cars that i go into that are converted, i wouldn't be able to do this. i always have to duck when i'm coming up the ramp. >> a new company enginee
states and israel is unbreakable. >> the reports about the demise of the u.s.-israel relations aren't just premature. they're flat wrong. >> reporter: the relations between the president and the prime mip ster were at a halt but in the leadup to this latest meeting both sides empshiezed the positive. israel eased its blockade on gaza. >> we believe that there is a way to make sure that the people of gaza are able to prosper economically while israel is able to maintain its legitimate security needs. >> reporter: and president obama signed off on new, harsher sanctions against iran. which israel sees as a major threat. and president obama assured him he'll do his part to get the palestinians to the negotiating table. now, both sides have to translate the good will at the white house into forward motion towards peace. >> reporter: in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> today's meeting comes one day after israel announced that it has eased its blockade of the gaza strips. >>> a surprising development in toyota's latest development of auto recall. toyota now admits it knew a
over our region right now. 695 at u.s. 40 west, you can see there's definitely rain falling on the roadway slowing down traffic there. this a camera here at our studios and you can see the heavy rain as it falls, and a look at the view from sky chopper 13 and still a lot of out there. captain mike perry is checking the storms, and we can still see that rainbow there on the screen, captain mike. >> yes. we are looking at the south side of the storm. we are just west of baltimore county area where this cell is marching southeast and it's ability 5 miles north of dwi at this time with heavy heavy rain showers moving southbound and we know in a dwi is having traffic around this heavy thunderstorm. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much . we're going to go back to bob in the first warning weather center tracking it for us. >> the warning will expire at 5:#30shgs but right now let's -- 5:30. right now the strongest activity northern section of the city and southwest areas tent hill, brooklyn areas as it moves from the northwest to southeast around 28 to 30 miles an hour, and
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